Young men and Young ladies prepare, Applications are welcome to apply for the Completely Subsidized ACU Summer School 2019 Goal Mauritius. This Year ACU Summer School will start from 14-21 July 2019 in Mauritius and all the expense of the chose members will be secured. The ACU Means “Association of Commonwealth Universities” is satisfied to report that the following ACU Summer School will be held at the University of Mauritius from 14-21 July 2019. Go along with us in Mauritius for seven days of master addresses by nearby and worldwide speakers, get-together, drawing in and testing bunch venture work.

ACU Summer Internship in Mauritius details

  1. Country: Mauritius
  2. Duration: Seven day
  3. Dates: 14 July to 21 July 2019
  4. Location: University of Mauritius
  5. Value: Fully Funded
  6. Deadline: 13 January Sunday 2019


The ACU Summer School will Cover Bursaries cover.

  1. Return flights from your nation of origin.
  2. Field trips.
  3. Inn convenience.
  4. Most Suppers and Airplane terminal pick-ups.
  5. Full summer school interest.
  6. In any case, bursaries do exclude the expense of visas and immunizations.

The ACU Summer School is a Completely Financed program and will take care of the expense of the chose members in the event that they meet necessities given beneath.

If you don’t mind note, you should apply for a bursary in the event that you:

  • are an understudy at an ACU part University
  • would some way or another be not able to go to the Midyear School for budgetary reasons
  • have never recently gone outside your home district

The Students, Ace Understudies Ph.D. Understudies will gain from site visits to Mauritian doctor’s facilities and research centers, will cooperate on a testing bunch venture, share their encounters of general wellbeing challenges in their nations of origin, and will have the capacity to inundate themselves in Mauritian culture.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The late spring in Mauritius is available to both Current postgraduate (Ace’s and Ph.D.) and last year college understudies at both ACU part colleges and non-part colleges in Federation nations.
  2. The occasion is multi-disciplinary: it is fitting both for those examining fields identifying with general wellbeing, and understudies from different controls.
  3. Understudies who have recently gone to an ACU Summer School are not qualified to apply.

Subject and Center Point

The subject of the 2019 Summer School is ‘General Wellbeing: from a Little Island State to the Worldwide People group’ will concentrate on four noteworthy parts of general wellbeing specifically:

  1. Instruction, recognition, counteractive action, and control of infection flare-up, a network focused methodologies.
  2. Research in wellbeing/prescription.
  3. Advancement in wellbeing: e-wellbeing and enormous information.
  4. Wellbeing financial aspects, strategies, and common society.


The last date to Apply for the ACU Summer School 2019 is 23:59 GMT on Sunday 13 January 2019. Candidates will be reached before the Finish of Spring.

How To Apply

Finish an Online Application From. The connection is Given beneath.



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