Erasmus+ scholarships starting date is getting closer, I would like to get attention towards some points which could be vital for getting scholarship (Some are already shared by other seniors).

1- Start preparing for IELTS. Don’t listen to those who couldn’t got good bands in IELTS due to their lack of concentration & abilities. Everyone is different and getting IELTS 7 isn’t difficult if you just give it a proper month. You don’t need to take any coaching classes for that. If you have internet, it’s sufficient.
Websites like Edx, IELTSLIZ (Both Website and Youtube Channel) are enough to prepare you very well.

Score 7+ Bands in IELTS with this IELTS Vocabulary

2-Start writing your Letter of Motivation NOW !! Don’t drag it till the end and which results in writing a messy LOM with no real future intentions. Start it now, Keep revising it, get regular feedback from your department’s faculty and also read about programs which you’re gonna apply for, and prepare it accordingly. This is the most important one remember.

See Motivation Letter Sample

3- Also start making your CV. It should include your relevant experience, Publications, Final Year Project (If you had good one), Semester Projects, Extra Curricular Achievements (Very important to highlight your activities other than studies).

4- Get recommendation letters from best professors of your faculty (Professors with good research publications).

5- If your field is IT, try to complete online free courses from websites like Courseera, Udemy, Lynda about your field and include them in CV also. It could make good impression.

I’ll try to share other tips also in near future.

It is strongly recommended to visit our Motivation Letter Samples and Scholarships Tips pages to maximise your chances of getting this internship. Best of Luck for your Application!




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