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Working as a kids-wear designer in New York City for three and half years was a life turning point for me. I was involved in every stages of the design cycle from concept, sketching, tech packs to production. Then, one day, I came to think of my job more philosophically and holistically. What kind of kids-wear designer am I? What do I want my future kids to wear? What is the special impact of my design to people? What more can I bring to my industry? With all these questions, I came to realize designing for kids is not just about visual design, but true understanding of “core and structure of garments”, the textiles.
As the importance of Textiles freshened my mind for design, I came to learn about an interesting textile lecture, called “Sustainable Textiles.” It was held at Fashion Institute of Design in New York informing people about the process of making sustainable textiles through recycling materials. This organization called Thread, based in New York, works with people in Haiti, to gathers plastic bottles that were thrown away and helps producing sustainable thread and textile.


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In the process of this production, this company was not just producing threads and textile, but also offering jobs to millions of people in Haiti to live. The lecture certainly made me realize how naïve I was about the social impact of my role. It enlightened me in a way how designers can hugely utilize the idea of sustainability leading to a greater contribution to our world society.
This lecture certainly broadened my social eyes. It triggered my desire to expand my knowledge in Sustainable Textiles. And, I wanted to be part of this. On top of my design skills acquired through several years of field experience, I am confident that
this program definitely will lead me into a path where I can join a great part of sustainable future.
I would like to strive myself to become a designer whom not only learning about the sustainable design cycle, but also initiating proactive sustainability. I desire to be the ambassador of
sustainable fashion who values the impact on our society, and teaches the next generation the true concept of sustainability.
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