University Aid for Freshman

Your need to apply with supporting documents (transcripts, SAT or ACT results) for full-time undergraduate study at the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), these are the only documents required for applying for the Florida Tech merit and other noticeable scholarships. All university scholarships and grants are announced and awarded at time of admission in this university. Therefore, be sure that your admission application is complete and includes each and every information regarding participation in any of the following areas for which you can apply for scholarships. For additional Federal grant given by government and self-funded programs, students must apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) listing Florida Tech as a receiving institution for their undergraduate degree (school code 001469).

Academic Scholarships

Panther Fund Merit Scholarships

All new domestic applicants will automatically be considered for merit based scholarships if they are eligible. Merit scholarship awards at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) are awarded based on high school academic performance (weighted GPA and SAT or ACT results) and profiles of students are automatically evaluated at the time of applying for admission. These aids may cover up to 50% of tuition fee per year, regardless of financial need. Merit scholarships must require a cumulative GPA of 2.60 or higher for annual renewal.

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Panther Fund Merit Scholarships for International Students

All new domestic applicants will automatically be considered for merit based scholarships if they are eligible. International merit scholarship awards are awarded based on secondary school grades (GPA and SAT or ACT results if available) and are announced at the time of admission in Florida Institute of Technology. These aids are $12,500 per year.You must need to get at least 2.6 GPA for renewing your scholarship next year.

National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools (NCSSS) guaranteed Panther Fund Merit Scholarships

Students who have graduated from NCSSS high school , and are students in a full-time program in an undergraduate category at FIT as a new student, are guaranteed to receive a Panther Aid which covers up to 50% tuition aid per year.



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Laziodisu (Fully Funded Need Based Scholarship)


Incentive Scholarships

In addition to merit based scholarship, applicants participating in special extracurricular programs may be considered for one another aid opportunity of $2,500 per year. If an applicant is a member of one of the following organisations at the time of applying for admission, they may be considered for a $2,500 scholarship in addition to their awarded Panther Fund Merit Scholarship. The scholarship requirements are;

you can only receive $2,500 scholarship. Proof of membership is required and the incentive scholarship is determined at time of admission so provide your certificate at the time of admission.

FIRST Robotics and VEX Robotics

Current students of an official high school FIRST Robotics team or VEX Robotics team will win a $2,500 scholarship per year if they are enrolled full-time. Students must fulfil the minimum merit scholarship requirements, must mention they are a FIRST Robotics or VEX Robotics participant on their admission application, and submit a letter from their team manager verifying their participation.

Scouting – Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Gold Award

New student who has either earned the rank of “Eagle Scout” or she is the winner of “Girl Scout Gold Award”, and is accepted and got admission as a full-time undergraduate at Florida Tech’s  Melbourne Campus will be given a $2,500 aid per year. Students must fulfil the minimum Panther Fund Scholarship requirements mentioned on website, must mention either they earned the rank of Eagle Scout or achieved the Girl Scout Gold Award while application process, and submit a copy of their certificate to the concerned department verifying their achievement.

Sports Scholarships

Florida Tech Sports Scholarships (NCAA Division II) are awarded by sports coaches through the athletics/sports department. Following games are eligible for scholarship for both women and men: baseball, basketball (men), cross country, football, lacrosse, golf, swimming, tennis, track & field, rowing and soccer.


Legacy Grant

Children of Florida Tech alumni, studying in a full-time undergraduate program at Florida Tech, can apply for a $2,500 grant. This award is renewable for maximum of four years. This Scholarship is given in addition to any merit scholarship at Florida Institute of Technology got by the student. Information about Parents currently serving at Florida Tech must be listed on your application.

Keep it in the Family Grant

Family members of students who are currently studying simultaneously as full-time undergraduates at Florida University are eligible for a $2,500 scholarship. This grant is renewable only for four years. Information about your siblings must be given on your application. Both Siblings, enrolled at the same time, will receive this Scholarship.

Army ROTC Residence & Board Allowance

In addition to allowance got from a scholarship awarded by ROTC Cadet Command, Army ROTC Scholarship winners will also receive a university aid that covers the cost of residence and board during the duration of their ROTC scholarship at Florida University. These scholarships are available to new and exchange students.

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