Many students in this world complain that they are weak in terms of finances.Therefore,they cannot afford to take expensive tests like GRE & IELTS/TOEFL etc.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”
-Derek Bok

This post is for those who think that their financial condition may be a hurdle in fulfilling their dreams.

1. First of all, keep in mind that no one is poor. Poverty is a relative term and it is nothing more than a mental state. Allah has given every human being some unique ability which can lead him/her to success. So, if you are determined and motivated, you can overcome any kind of unfavourable situation. To some people this may seem a bit unrealistic but believe me if you have faith and perseverance, miracles do happen. Remember that “if you want to do something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve that.”

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Majority of the people who are studying abroad on scholarships belong to middle-class or lower middle-class of the society and they had to face many challenges similar to those which you people are facing. If they can make it through, why cant you? In my opinion, financial constraints should never be on your list of excuses. In fact there should be no excuse at all.

2. Now come to the more practical issue: how to arrange money for these tests/applications (GRE & IELTS/TOEFL if one has financial issues?
Solutions: We see that most of our students, if not all, spend lavishly on expensive cell phones, clothes etc. In a society which promotes materialism, we waste our precious money on meaningless things that have no positive impact on our lives. The way you dress or the cell phone you carry or the luxury hotel at which you eat is not a measure of how good human you are. So, I suggest you to start saving for your future by adopting a more simple life-style. Believe me, after a year or so you will have enough money to pay for these educational needs.

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3. We all have some good people around us who are willing to help if we are credible enough to be trusted. Among your teachers, relatives and friends talk to those people who can lend you some money for these tests. You can always pay them back at a later stage. Talk to people, explore different options and never be ashamed of asking for these kind of favours because this is how life rolls on. But you have to put extra effort to make sure that you do not disappoint those who helped you in difficult times. In this way you can arrange money for taking GRE & IELTS/TOEFL and maximize your chances to avail scholarships.

4. Never be ashamed of doing low-salary jobs. No matter how well qualified you are, it is better to have a low income job than being jobless. In fact this will keep you motivated to strive for a better future.

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Moral of the story: Financial hardships and joblessness are bitter realities which we can’t deny but they should never be, and they never are, hurdles towards our destination. Learn to convert your weaknesses, whether physical, psychological or financial, into your strengths. Remember you have two options: either be in the same regretful, pitiful, apologetic state of mind and live a stressful and worrisome life under pathetic conditions or face the challenges and transform your life according to your dreams. The choice is yours. I wish all of you success in life.