Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme 2019 (Research Masters & PhD) in almost Every Field
Application Deadline: 01 November, 2018

Dear All, a MUST apply opportunity for all those who are willing to pursue their Research MS and PhD.

Are you looking for Research Masters and PHD? Then this is a must apply opportunity for you.

You will need to contact professors of HEI listed universities. Professor will have to agree on proposal and you will need to submit application online with professors consent. Sometimes professor helps you in preparing proposal and application and sometimes you will have to do it all by yourself.
See application r and detailed procedure on this link and attachments on the right side of the page, which you can find out on 6th September,

Professors are mostly interested in taking PhD students but BS students can also apply for direct PhD if they have some research background or good profile OR they can try to apply for Research Masters

Note: Scholarship is not in the hands of professors/advisors. IRC will grant scholarships but applications are to be sent with collaboration of adviser. So start looking for HEI universities and shortlist professors with same interests. Almost every field is available.
Right now start reading from this link and shortlist advisers you need to contact. And there is a procedure given in file section containing information about how to contact a professor.. Start pinning down and contacting professors of related fields (process is similar to Korea) and ask them that you want to apply for IRC scholarship. They know about it, if they like your profile and willing to supervise you, they will help you throughout the application process.

IELTS is NOT required for scholarship application, you will have to take it for admission after you get scholarship.

If you feel you aren’t eligible for this scholarship, Don’t worry. We have some other useful scholarships which you can avail. Visit DAAD Scholarship (Fully Funded) or Stanford University Fully Funded Scholarships and study in best institutions of the world.




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