As DAAD scholarship dates are open, A lot of students were asking about its application process so we decided to write a detailed post explaining each FAQ.

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On europass format. Highlight your strengths

2-Research Experience
1 page on your research experience and background.

3-IELTS more than or equal 6.5
(Half of the applications are rejected because they don’t have this one document )

4-Document Attestation
Get your BS and MS transcripts and degree attested from HEC and MOFA.
Before that you should have your FSc and Matric degree attested from your respective board.

5-Supervisor Acceptance letter
(Ask your Supervisor to write why you are suitable candidate after he agrees to take you in his lab.)

6-Recommendation Letters (2)
One from your current university supervisor and one from high rank teachers. Associate Professor or Professor


1 September every year.

1.Find your university and Program here

2. Get Acceptance letter from supervisor. At this stage you don’t need admission letter from university.

3. View Video tutorials to apply at portal

4. After finishing your application at the portal, Post your application at DAAD Islamabad Office (If you are from Pakistan).

5. Wait for interview call via email.

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FAQs (Prepapred by Mirza Sajjad Hussain- DAAD Scholar)

Q1: What are major steps of DAAD PhD application?

1- DAAD application involves two major steps.
i) Uploading the soft copies of documents to online portal of DAAD. After uploading the documents, the complete set of the documents becomes downloadable as one document.
ii) After downloading that one document, sending the hard copy of that document to Islamabad DAAD office.

Q2: What is acceptance letter and research proposal?
First of all you need to be in contact with a researcher in a German research institute or university professor in a German university. He will do two things.
i) After agreeing to accept you as student, he will give you an acceptance letter that you will attach on online portal during application
ii) He will help you writing a research proposal. These both documents are very necessary for DAAD application. Your expected supervisor will give you a research problem and will ask you to write proposal or will ask you to suggest a topic. Whatever, you both agree upon; at the end DAAD needs an “acceptance letter” and a “research proposal”. A proposed research problem which will be beneficial for both Pakistan and Germany will be given preference.

Q3: What are chances of selection without acceptance letter?
Many students who are rejected, they have acceptance letters.

Q4: Is there any experience required?
No experience is required for DAAD application. But during selection process, students having research experience are automatically preferred. For examples students working as Teacher assistant or Research associates in universities or research institutes.

Q5: What about IELTS or TOEFL.
Any valid English proficiency letter is required. Either IELTS or TOEFL. For TOEFL the score should be at least 88/120.

Q6: When is it too late to apply for PhD DAAD?
i) You are not eligible for DAAD after 6 years of MS. 6th year is the last option. For example if you passed your MS/MPhil in 2014, 2020 will be last year for you.ii) You are not eligible for DAAD if you are living in Germany for longer than 15 months at the time of application deadline.

Q7: When is it too early to apply for PhD DAAD?
i) If you have not completed your 18 years of education.

Q8: Do you need a blocked account?
No, not at all. DAAD is a fully funded scholarship including insurance etc. Even your flight ticket will be reimbursed after you reach in Germany. You can avail it with an empty account. But your account can still remain empty even after availing it. 

Q9: When does DAAD award starts?
Application deadline is usually 1st of September and session starts next year 1st of June.

Q10: What is the amount of DAAD scholarship for PhD?
It was 1000 euro per month plus insurance.

Q11: What are major selection criteria?
You have to compete in your “educational grades + quality of research proposal”. Your publications will be extra merit

Courtesy: Sania Arif and Mirza Sajjad Hussain(DAAD Scholar)

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