Scholarship Guide was started with the aim of helping students in fulfilling their dreams of studying at world’s renowned education institution irrespective of their country of origin. We already helped hundreds of them without charging any money. With this growing audience, we are glad to know that more and more students are helped by us every single day. We have opened some Work From Home internships for students studying at Bachelors level or fresh graduates.


As per skills development plan, we are planning to empower a team of selected individual and polish their existing skills. This is remote based internship where students can work from home. Many students search for Online Jobs and end up getting disappointment due to vast majority of fake websites. We’ll make sure that after completion of internship, you’ll be able to start your own Blog/Website and earn independently by mentorship of experienced professionals.

Selected Internees will be briefed about basic SEO terminologies, which are mentioned below:

1- What is On Page and Off Page SEO?

2- Why You Should Start Working on Blog?

3- Keyword Research.

4- Finding Niche.

5- Making Backlinks (To drive traffic on your website)

6- Writing Quality Articles for Websites.

7- Placing Adsense and Starting earning from Advertisement Platforms.

And other possible related things.


Due to large variety of Applicants, We strongly advise you to only apply you fulfil these requirements:

1- Candidate must be between 17-24 Years old (Because we want to empower young students only).

2- Candidate must be Undergraduate student or Fresh Graduate (Education must not be more than 16 Years).

3- Candidate must be able to read & write English (E.g Their daily life vocabulary must be good, like this IELTS Vocabulary).

4- Candidate must not be working full time (If you are already working full time and already earning handsome amount of money then please don’t apply. Whereas if financial reason are the reason why you want to join us, then you are welcome to apply).

Internship Duration:

1 Month

Internship Places Available:

15 to 20 Depending upon the number of candidates.

Application Link:

Please visit this link to apply for this internship:

Click Here to Apply

Deadline: 25 July 2018

Result announcement date: 1 August 2018 (Selected candidates will be emailed about their selection)

In case of any queries, Please email us:

[email protected]

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