A lot of students ask about which country is better for studies (Italy vs France), so I thought I should make a detailed post about this so that relevant students can get help.

If your purpose of going is just to study and after that come back to Pakistan, then Italy is better option. Because Italy is suffering from economic crisis and finding a field job after completion of study will be very very difficult. However, exceptions always exist. Also, There are many need based scholarships (Laziodisu, Disu) which international students can get very easily, There are also excellence based scholarships for international students. I suppose taking financial aid in Italy is easier as compared to France. Research wise they have very great reputation as most universities are well ranked and quite old. Along with job prospects, Major issue with Italy is their Embassy which is the worst one in Pakistan. They don’t entertain applicants professionally. Their appointment system and visa procedure is very headache. So if you are asking for Italy vs France then Italy can be a good option.

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If your intentions are to do degree as well as seek for jobs, then France is a way better option as compared to Italy. Opportunities are many times more than Italy in France. But getting scholarship will be competitive in France and you need to be deserving for scholarship (Good grades, projects, experience etc). Quality wise they are also up to the mark, ranking doesn’t matter as you’ll get same quality education in university with QS ranking of even near to 1000. France also provides student APL which reduces your rent cost to about 35%. French visa procedure is also very easier and hectic free as compared to Italian or any other embassy, but remember they will not grant visa if you are not fulfilling the requirements.Living cost in smaller cities is like 350-400 euro per month after getting CAF (Student housing allowance), but in cities like Paris it is around 700-800 euros per month. Bank statement for France should contain Tuition Fee + Living Expenses for the duration of your degree. And they consider 615 euros as the minimum expenses per month. So if your program’s fee is 1000 Euros per year then you will need to show this much amount:
1000 (fee) + 615*12 (Living Expenses).  Here are some scholarships in France which you can get in France.

Eiffel Scholarships
French Government Scholarships
University specific scholarships
Region based scholarships

In a Nutshell, While discussing Italy vs France you need to make sure what are your future goals. Then you’ll be able to decide better about it.

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