Studying in world’s oldest universities is one of the dream of international students, and Italy is a probably one of the most attracted students who want to get quality education under worlds oldest institutes. But some students cannot afford the fee to study at the highest level of education. Here is one of the need based scholarship for international students whose only requirement is having low income. Scholarship is Laziodisu which supports students in financing their studies in Italy.

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Below are some of the details of Laziodisu scholarship:

Need based Scholarship name: Laziodisu scholarship

Requirements: Low income, CGPA or grades doesn’t matter for this scholarship

Procedure for need based scholarship:

1- First apply in Sapienza University of Rome for Masters degree (Deadline: April 2018)

2- After getting admission, apply for visa appointment.

3- Scholarship will open in July, Sign up on their website and upload your documents (income certificate, Family registration certificate).

4- You will receive results in September.

Scholarship Worth:

Accommodation + 5100 euros per year (depending upon the income of your family)

Link to apply for admission in Sapienza University: