Social Marketing (Media Team Overview) :

CNN Social Marketing team is one of the most creative, surprising, innovative and fast pace team which has authority of variety of CNN resources that’s why CNN social media accounts have very high numbers and in-fact among largest and influential. Their job is to find and make most creative stories and with Social Marketing, it reaches to public forums like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter etc.

Your Job at CNN:

Under the mentorship of our experts, you’ll insight of how these things works. Like what are the publishing tools and strategies which are being used by Social Marketing experts to drive traffic and engage their audience. In this way, You’ll learn how to write and optimise your content for your audience to get huge success on social media. Their creative writing, brain storming and research skills can also be improved by following recommendations of seniors.

Internship Dates:

Accepted interns will work in CNN office from September 10th to December 7th 

Internship Allowance:

Interns will be paid at least minimum wage which is $13 per hour and they can work up to 20 hours a week, remember relocation is not provided.


  • Applicant must be able to work without sponsorship in USA.
  • Note that international applicants will be required to present the visa details before commencement of internship.

Application Link:

Application Website

It is strongly recommended to visit our Motivation Letter Samples and Scholarships Tips pages to maximise your chances of getting this internship. Best of Luck for your Application!

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