Robotics Institute Summer Scholars (RISS)

This is a fully funded scholarship (i.e. stipend support and travel allowances) research program which will enhance the research skills of undergraduate students. The Robotics Institute Summer Scholars program at Carnegie Mellon University allows undergraduate pupils to experience robots development program and is providing career opportunities in robotics. Experiencing robotic research and working with technologies and new innovative projects 

Program Highlights:

  • Be a part of this amazing research work
  • Your work will be published
  • Able to connect globally
  • Try to make an impact through your work and technology
  • Socialize with the people
  • Explore robotic technologies and applications
  • Be globally well-known
  • Present you work to multiple people 

Program Value:

The faculty will be helping hands for the pupils at the Robotics Institute. The program will enhance your skills to seize the industry. The pupils will be working on different projects that will impact their real life to solve critical societal challenges. share your research work and results with the audiences through public sessions, posters etc. Learn the after graduation life at Robotics Institute!


Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Scholarships 

As there is ample amount of U.S. National Science Foundation, multiple REU scholarships.  They are supporting and making a way for the undergraduate students by providing them with scholarships and opportunities for researchers.

U.S. National Science Foundation and Robotics Institute are giving this opportunity.

Eligibility criteria

NSF REU Scholarship Eligibility:

  • GPA should be 3.0 or above (above will be highly appreciated)
  • Strongly recommendation for Women and minorities
  • Must be an undergraduate
  • US Citizen, US National, or US Permanent Resident (NSF requirement)
  • Completion of at least sophomore year

Job Opportunities :

Nowadays, organizations are taking advantage of the point that the pupils are studying abroad will be having great mindset  and experienced in an international environmental organizations. the pupils who’s research are amazing gets an opportunity to get job more easily also the fact they have studied abroad 


Applications Dates: December 1 to January 15

Program Dates: June 1 to August 15

Application Website:

Robotics Institute Summer Scholars





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