The canadian government has released the vanier canada graduate graduate scholarships (vanier cgs) to enhance canada’s potential to attract and maintain world-class and notably qualified phd students, and set up canada as a global middle of excellence in studies and better schooling.

To be considered for the vanier scholarship, you need to demonstrate leadership abilities and a excessive preferred of educational fulfillment in masters’ applications in engineering, natural sciences, fitness, social sciences or humanities.

The canadian government awards up to 167 scholarships yearly. at any time, there are a total of up to 500 students with vanier scholarships for his or her phd packages in numerous canadian establishments.

Here are a few other key points about this scholarship:

You need to first be enrolled in a phd software at some canadian university
The scholarship is worth $50,000 in step with yr for three years at some stage in doctoral research
If you want to be eligible, there are 3 equally weighted evaluation criteria: instructional excellence, studies ability, and management
applicants must be nominated by using the canadian institution at which they want to examine around two hundred college students every year get this scholarship to take a look at at the university of toronto, the college of british columbia, the university of waterloo, the university of alberta and almost a hundred different institutions

Evaluation criteria:

You may be evaluated and decided on primarily based on the following 3 standards:

#1 Educational excellence, as established by your past academic outcomes, transcripts, scholarships, awards and differences.

#2 Research ability, as tested by way of your research history, your hobby in research, the proposed studies and its ability to improve expertise of the sphere and its expected outcomes. your studies experience and its impact suggests your potential as a research leader of day after today.

You need to write about your personal traits consisting of crucial wondering, application of knowledge, judgment, originality, initiative, autonomy and enthusiasm for studies to your private leadership declaration essay. you have to have robust references to validate the equal.

Similarly, your achievements in terms of collaborations, group paintings and mentoring might also count in the direction of your contributions to analyze and schooling of enormously qualified employees.

#3 Management, which includes each demonstrated and capacity leadership capacity. you may reveal your management capacity thru:

Your personal fulfillment: this consists of your involvement and achievements in entrepreneurship, commercial enterprise, technology, sports activities, arts, foreign journey or take a look at.
Your involvement in instructional existence: this includes any of your achievements in mentoring/teaching or supervisory revel in, involvement in student network, scholar committee, groups, senate, board and so on., agency of meetings, events and seminars, your role in instructional or expert societies and task control.
Your experience as a volunteer for social tasks with some ngos.
there will be different avenues in which you may have established your leadership abilities.
Your could be evaluated on numerous leadership attributes inclusive of your capability to develop as non-public vision for the destiny that defines a meaningful change for the network or institution you work with, organising clean dreams and accomplishing the ones dreams in an green, prepared and revolutionary manner, being chargeable for outcomes of your actions and selections, curiosity, creativity, courage, coping with complexity, persuasive, helping friends, and mastery of presentation abilities and public communications.

july – november: candidates are seeking a nominating organization, prepare and post software package deal
november 1, 2017: cut-off date for institutions to put up nominations to the vanier cgs software
cease of march 2018: e mail notification to nominees
may also 1, 2018, september 1, 2018 or january 1, 2019: charge starts offevolved





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