Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Scholarship


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has promised to provide undergraduate students a platform where can study about the introduction of research in oceanography, oceanographic engineering, or marine policy. Students must be interested in the related topics not in any single which will lead to cancellation of their admission . At least the pupils should be interested in these subjects.

Program Requirements

  • A mid yearly progress report is expected by the students to present
  • A hand written research report is required by the students in which they’ll describe ones research
  • Science workshop and summer lecture series are necessary to attend
  • For the introduction to many facets of the marine science , pupils may attend colloquia in the Woods Hole scientific community

Scholarship value

  • A stipend for the pupils is allotted as $632 per week
  • Travelling allowance is $700
  • Hostels are there for the fellow students
  • Rooms will be shared due to high demand

(Students are required to pay 14% to income tax will be deducted from the allowances)

Required documents

  • A CV with educational background and work experience
  • A current unofficial transcript, a PDF document
  • Recommendations letters from professors or familiar academic credentials (at least 3 pages )
  • A complete result for coursework by subject category

A research statement, no longer than three double-spaced, typewritten pages, that addresses the following five questions:

  1. How would a summer of analysis at WHOI advantages your education and career plans?
  2. What skills does one expect to get from this analysis experience?
  3. What skills does one have that will cause you to a decent researcher
  4. Have you previously been concerned in research comes as a part of your class work, employment or an internship? If thus, what skills did you apply or gain from this experience?
  5. What spaces of marine analysis are you inquisitive about and why? you’ll sit down with a particular workplace at WHOI or a general area, see WHOI Areas of research

Eligibility criteria

  • Bachelors (3 year program)

-students must be in their second year

  • Combined Bachelors/Masters ( 5 year program)

-students must be in their third year

  • Minorities in ocean science will be preferred (African-, Hispanic- and Native-Americans, and Pacific Islanders)

(Contact [email protected]. For more information)


Completed applications must be submitted by February 15. Applicants will be notified of decisions in mid March.





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